About Us

Founded in 2015, Physio Friend is headed by Director Zhi, who is committed to providing only the best level of care to his patients.

At Physio Friend, your health is our concern, and getting you better is our goal. We understand that each person is different, so we provide customised treatments after thoroughly assessing your condition. From lifestyle management to hands-on therapy, our highly skilled physiotherapists are able to provide the best quality service to help you recover. In addition to in-house therapy, we also work closely with other healthcare practitioners to provide the best level of care and treatment to get you back to health.

About our Physiotherapists

Zhi Xun GOH

Zhi is the director and head physiotherapist in Physio Friend. He graduated from the University of South Australia with a Masters of Physiotherapy (GE) and from University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science , majoring in Biomedical Science. Zhi previously served as an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and is an avid sports enthusiast.

Zhi’s clientele range from the less active senior citizens and desk bound office workers, to the more active developing adolescents, schooling teens, professional/recreational athletes, military and law enforcement personnel.

In addition to his physiotherapy involvements, Zhi is also a Pool (Billiards) fanatic. He trains multiple days a week and devotes a large portion of his time in supporting the local and international pool community.

Nicky holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia (2018). He has several years of experience as a trainer for various local and state clubs of different sporting disciplines. Nicky is currently the physiotherapist for Adelaide University Touch Club.

Nicky is also an Olympic weightlifting athlete as well as the physiotherapist for the athletes at the Athletic Compound, training with the weightlifting team as well as helping the athletes stay healthy and injury-free.

Nicky works with a variety of clients from children to seniors, amputees, desk workers to high level athletes. With the rest of his time, Nicky loves to eat, travel and spend time with family and friends.