Don’t make your children slow down for you – active recovery can help you to get back on your feet

When you’re a parent, there are always a million things that need to be done regardless of how you’re feeling. Getting injured and being in pain while you’re doing your day to day routine can really get in the way of being an active parent.


Moments playing catch in the back yard, going for walks around the park or dancing together to their favourite songs are all too fleeting. They grow up fast and you’ll never get those times back.


We’ve been taught to rest if we get hurt, that it’s the only thing we can do and the best thing for our bodies. If an injury isn’t getting better after a few days, getting worse or if it’s the result of a past injury, then seeking help is your best option to get back to actively parenting. In fact, waiting weeks can even worsen your condition as it becomes harder to treat in the long run – the sooner you can seek help the better.


You need to know that injuring yourself and feeling pain is only part of the story. If you have ever twisted your ankle, then you’d confirm that once you injure something, the pain can go away, but it’s weaker than before and much more likely to be injured in the future. Many injuries follow this same pattern and by the time we reach parenting age, it’s more than likely that we have done our bodies some damage during our lives and are more likely to be injured.


Some parents find this right after their first child is born. After years of sitting at a computer, constantly carrying a baby isn’t easy or even comfortable to maintain. When they get older and still want to be carried, many parents find the strain of lifting a small child too intense and have to give it up. Others find that when their child first starts playing sports, an old sports injury of their own will start interfering with training with their child.


Often as parents we can see this coming. We know that somethings are going to be hard for us, but try and push through anyway. A time comes that your injuries are preventing you from being the parent you want to be.


If you’re experiencing pain, worried about how your body might stand up to the test of parenting, or simply want to keep up with your kids, contact us for a consultation. We can provide you with the care you need and provide an at home management program so your injuries don’t get in the way of time you spend with your kids.

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