Plantar Fasciitis

Hope everyone is having an awesome 2016 so far. Riding on the wave of the previous topic on shin splints, today’s post would be relating to another common injury of the feet, Plantar Fasciitis.

The Plantar Fascia also known as the Plantar Aponeurosis is a thick flat band of connective tissue at the bottom of your feet. It runs from your heel bone (Calcaneus) and inserts onto the base of each toe. It functions to stabilise your feet during gait by physically limiting the movement of your arches. It also functions as a shock absorber when your foot is in contact with the ground. 

As the name suggests, Plantar Fasciitis is a condition whereby the Plantar Fascia is inflamed and irritated. This usually happens through repeated over loading or through direct trauma to the Plantar Fascia resulting in micro tears and even degeneration of its fibres.

People suffering from Plantar Fasciitis often complain of pain at the bottom of the foot especially towards the heel. Symptoms would normally be worse during the first steps in the morning or after sitting for long periods, and feel better after warming up. However, symptoms might be aggravated if daily activities involve lots of standing, walking or stairs.

Below are some of the risk factors of Plantar Fasciitis:

  • Having high arches or flat feet
  • Inward rolling (over pronation) of feet during walking
  • Poor fitting or worn out shoes
  • Over weight
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Long period on feet or on hard surfaces

Physical examination by your physio is normally sufficient in the diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis. Although not necessary, X-rays and MRIs are often requested, which might or might not show the formation of a bone spur at the heel. Such bone spurs are non-specific to this condition and might not be the cause of heel pain.

Should you be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, rolling a frozen bottle of water under the aches for 10mins would help in reducing the pain.

Now, the good news is that majority of Plantar Fasciitis cases would resolve entirely with a proper conservative management program. Please give us a call or drop us a message for more information.